Saturday, March 31, 2018

Gloucestershire Extraordinary Form News - RIP Fr. Damian Sturdy - RIP Sr. Mary Magdalene, Mass Time Changes at Prinknash Abbey

Fr. Damian Sturdy 

Fr. Damian Sturdy passed away on the feast of St. Joseph, 19th March. Father's funeral will take place at Nazareth House, 344 London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, on Wednesday, 4th April at 10am followed by a private burial at Prinknash.  All are welcome, but those wishing to attend, or concelebrate at, the Funeral Mass, are asked to inform:- or text 07821 754243

It is intended, at some later date, to celebrate a Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Sr. Mary Magdalene

Sadly Sr. Mary Magdalene, a regular attended of the Old Rite Mass at Prinknash Abbey has very sadly passed away. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to find out when her funeral is.

Prinknash Abbey

Abbot Francis Baird has resigned and henceforth Prinknash Abbey are reducing their Old Rite Masses (albeit one Mass will be restored to the Sunday). The message from Prinknash states:-  

"The Abbot and his Council, having considered your various opinions, have decided that there will be
These will normally be on the FIRST and THIRD WEEKENDS RESPECTIVELY

To make that clear, for the month of APRIL 2018
SUNDAY, 1st APRIL (Easter) 3pm Mass
SATURDAY, 14th APRIL 11am Mass."


Fr. McCarthy, who has been faithfully celebrating the First Wednesday of the Month Masses, at St. Gregory's in Cheltenham will retire in April. Fr. Goodman has very kindly agreed to continue celebrating this Mass. Parishioners are very grateful to Fr. McCarthy for his service over the years - and for Fr. Mills for arranging the continuation of this Mass.

Sadly, with Fr. McCarthy’s retirement and the reduction of Masses in Prinknash, this means that the number of EF Masses, per month, in Gloucestershire, will decrease from 9 to 3 per month.

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